Social Media Marketing

What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing To My Business?

With 3.2 billion users on social media probably it is near impossible to find in the industry and a business in that industry not to use social media.  So let’s talk about the ways that a business can benefit from using social media. The first benefit would be to increase brand awareness. In order to do this,  you must have a rock-solid social media content plan and you need to know who your current customers or and your future customers in order to speak to them via social media that promotes their social engagement. Things like comments likes, shares, retweets, re-posts, are just a few social engagements and signals available. But don’t discount driving direct traffic from your social media platforms because some of those platforms allow you to leave a link to your website and the ones that don’t you can leverage third-party technology to help you drive more traffic into your website.


The next benefit is that social media can be a terrific generator and help boost conversions which ultimately increases sales. So if you’re a business that is centered around driving more customer inquiries right? Here are some great ways we have worked with our other partners to generate more inquiries which generated more sales.


Start off with creating a contest for your visitors and followers to participate on your social media platforms or offline. One of the contacts we ran in the past was for a local real estate agent who posted a contest on social media that if they came to the open house that she was showing this weekend they could sign up for an assortment of health and beauty supplies for the women and sports-related stuff for the guys.

.We then hosted live videos at the open house and talked about how old Contacts was going how many entries were in the counters and showcased all of the great prizes that were available to win.  


The next benefit of using social media is to foster strong relationships with customers. Engagement and connection with your social media followers builds trust with them while showcasing your knowledge as a thought leader in your space.  Using our same example client. We created a specialty day on her social media platforms where her customers and her followers would ask specific questions that she would answer. It was an awesome wave for our client to build trust and who she is as a person and yet also showcase her as an expert in the local area she serves.


It’s also a really great way to keep up with what’s going on with your competitors as well. Listen the Internet is a great place for research and believe it or not that’s how it was first intended to be. Take a look at what your competitors are doing. Are they doing things that they are really creative you can leverage? Do they provide more context around a specific topic that you can start creating your own content around this topic?

How 2 Labs Digital Marketing Grows Your Brand's Presence Via Socal Media Marketing


Truly knowing who your buyers are and who your audience is critical. Our first goal is to create Buyer personas so we can target their needs and interests through the content we are producing.


Social media is always on meaning it's always available for a customer or potential customer. We support this by always being on to support our clients. followers by listening and engaging with them in a super timely way.


We all know that our potential customers are researching other places on the Internet. This is why it is extremely important to create content that is unique and engaging to the audience as a whole. We also leverage the social media platforms' capability to enhance this experience. Hopefully, that builds trust and loyalty to the customer selecting you or buying your product. A win-win for everybody!


There's no mistaking that analyzing your social media results is one of the most important parts of the process. We keep track of all of your posts on every channel and incorporating the top 10 most important metrics from a social media perspective. We do this the truly understand how your content is resonating and learn from the data so that we can implement your next social media campaign more effectively.