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Say Hello To The Digital Marketing Executive Team

Meet Two Labs Digital Marketing’s Co-Founders Fredo (Black Lab) & Zita (Charcoal Lab).  When not helping our clients retrieve their goals through our digital marketing campaigns, they are enjoying the fruits of their hard work.


A Message From The Two Labs Digital Marketing Team

When I first started in digital marketing, there was no Google but a huge community site called America Online (AOL), this up-and-coming directory called Yahoo, and search engines named Lycos, Infoseek, Excite, WebCrawler, Alta Vista to name a few.  A new site called GoTo was launching and it was touted as a new way to advertise on the Internet by means of paying a fee for every visitor that clicked on your ad.  Yep, what we now call Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Amazing how things have changed since then.


So why the history lesson? Well, it shows how quickly the Internet changes, but most importantly how digital marketing changes.  Since 1995, there is one thing that has never changed and that is the sense of accomplishment and pride you feel when your client’s site achieves high rankings from SEO or increases sales, leads, traffic, and overall conversions from the digital marketing campaigns we partner with you on.


We invite you to review our site and the services we offer, the case studies we have listed, and get a true sense of who we are at Two Labs Digitial Marketing. If you have any questions, we will be here to answer them so you can make the very best decision for your business.

  Co-Owner & Dog Dad

One Step Closer To Learning, Growing, & Connecting With Your New Customers

Taking the first step is the hardest, but we will take it from here!  We promise to get back to you within the next business days to answer any digital marketing questions you have and to make you feel at ease.